here are certain specific rules for a good search engine optimization which are universal like the publication of great content, giving a great user experience and so on. However, all types of websites will not thrive with the same SEO guidelines. News websites will put more emphasis on some specific elements which are different from other websites. Some essential tips to follow when you want to optimize your news website are discussed in this article.

1. Put contents that are evergreen in your posts:

Your news website will be the main business model in which you would be required to write on timely subjects and topical issues. A vast majority of the times you will write on issues that will not have a long lifespan. Thus you can see some initial interest and spikes in your articles with regards to its organic traffic, but with time, the article will start receiving lower traffic. As a result of this, you will need to understand the ebb and the flow of the type of news that can resonate with people and thus consistently get a high traffic level. You will need to create some evergreen content in order to ensure that people keep on visiting your articles even after the current trends change.

Evergreen content will stay relevant and have used for long periods of time. For instance, you can try categorizing your news into specific hub sections which can create powerful but relevant experiences. This will result in providing a good traffic share on the new news articles but also let people visit your older evergreen articles and ensure that the flow of traffic remains constant or consistent.

2. You must ensure that you have your content shown on Google News:

You will need to have your content shown on Google News. You can do this by checking your content guidelines and check the inclusions there in order to ensure that you have created a news website which follows Google’s standards. A lot of reputed news websites follow these essential guidelines. After this, you will need to check your technical guidelines in order to ensure that the search engine bots are able to locate and understand the pages which have news articles.

After everything starts to look good, you will need to submit your news site to Google to seek approval. When your site is approved in three weeks, then it means that you are following Google’s standards properly. The algorithms at Google news will get all the news about a specific issue from different sources in one single place. After your site gets accepted, you will need to keep on working and produce better content. The Google news will operate on the same SEO principles that organic searches work on. Thus it is recommended that you follow those principles in optimizing your content.

3. Have a cleaner architecture:

The news websites will pose specific SEO challenges as they would generally be quite large and would constantly grow. This will mean that in order for you to stay at the top you need to be on your site’s architecture not only in ensuring that the site is navigable to the readers but also to enable search engine crawlers can easily index the pages. You will have to organize your website in a proper manner. You should look for the tags or the categories which you want to use in your website and then check if they work for you.

You can choose your industry after downloading the campaign templates, then customize with specific keywords. You will need to put tags or categories for your readers to locate your content. You can consider putting multiple contents in a single web page to ensure that the page has multiple different tags. Also, you need to assess the depth of your site’s structure. That is the number of clicks which it will take for you to go from your site’s homepage to the other pages of your site. It will be important to have this number quite low.

The search engines will crawl in your website after following the different links from the several pages. If your website is shallow, then all the pages would be easily indexed. You need to ensure that the tagging system in your site is organized in order to allow this to happen. Also, you should remember to put pagination in the bottom of your site’s pages. This will be a better option than using just the “next” or “previous” buttons. It will make it more convenient for going to your specific pages and not need any going through irrelevant pages.

4. Ensure more mobile usability:

It will be important to ensure that there is mobile usability on your news website. In fact, it is critical that you pay attention to this detail. Most of the people in the world today consume the news through mobile phones. Thus you need to ensure that your business website is designed with responsive designs patterns, this will ensure that the web page will fit and format to different screen sizes and adapt easily to any device which the viewer uses.

5. Optimizing your crawl speed

You will want your news pages to be quickly crawled, indexed, and organized in search engines. A lot of different factors relating to search engine optimization will affect the crawl speed like the loading speed of your site, the performance of the web host, the XML sitemaps, and so on. You must have about one thousand URLs in your sitemaps but never go beyond 50000 sitemaps.

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